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June Kangaralien Gigs and Radio Appearance

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New site online!

Thanks to Matt Jones for getting the new site online! Make sure to check out as well! Thanks to Tony Garcia for getting the online store up and running!
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Second Place in Guitar Player Magazine’s Guitar Superstar Contest!

On September 18th, I played in Guitar Player Magazine’s annual Guitar Superstar Competition. I placed 2nd out of the ten finalists! Thanks to everyone that showed his or her support by voting for my video to help me get to the next level. Thanks also to Michael Molenda, Lauren Gerber, Art Thompson, and the rest […]
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Developing Music Vocabulary

What is music vocabulary? Music vocabulary is the ability to not only hear a sound and be able to play it back, but to also know how it works in the context of a song, riff or solo. I can already play riffs by reading tabs and learning by ear, why do I need to […]
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When can I call so I don’t interrupt a lesson?

I don’t have a phone in the studio or waiting area, so you never have to worry about when you call. This also means I can’t get the majority of my messages until I am done teaching(between 9 and 9:30pm).
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Why do you need two days’ notice for a cancelled lesson?

I have found that 48 hours is a fair amount of notice for both myself and the student. This allows me an ample amount of time to contact other students who need make-up lessons. If two days’ notice is not given, the regular lesson fee for your spot will be charged. I do this because: […]
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Can I record one of my songs at my lessons?

Your lesson is yours. If you have a vision of where you want things to go in our sessions, I am happy to go with it. Students ask me all the time, “can I bring my drummer to my lesson?” Of course! I have a full drum set, ready to be recorded. Anyone you collaborate […]
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Do you have a waiting list and if so, how long is the wait?

As of January, 2012, I have a short waiting list.  Once spring hits, I should have a few more openings due to seniors that will be graduating and going to college.  Feel free to e-mail me to see current availability.  We may be able to come up with a time/day that fits into my teaching […]
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How can I break out of playing the same licks and patterns?

This is a question I am asked frequently. Unfortunately, there is no easy solution. You could simply go and learn more licks, but that will still leave you without a thorough knowledge of how the notes you are playing are affected by the chords in any given progression. To go beyond patterns and blues licks, […]
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What are some essential tools every musician should have?

An Electronic Tuner- Use it before you start your practicing, every time you practice. A Music Stand- Having a music stand keeps your body in the right position for practicing. A Guitar Strap- If your guitar/bass is a solid body, you’ll want to have a strap on at ALL TIMES!!! This keeps the guitar in […]
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