About Eric

Eric began playing guitar at the age of eight, studying with guitarist Wayne Peabody. Around the age of 12,Eric was introduced to the song “Cliffs of Dover” by Eric Johnson, and his world was turned upside down.  He began practicing four to five hours a day, focusing on technique, theory, and songwriting.  While still in high school, Eric began instructing other guitarists from his parent’s basement.  After graduating high school in 1997, Eric was invited by Berklee instructor David Newsam to teach at the University of New Hampshire’s Summer Youth Music School.

At age 18, Eric enrolled at Berklee College of Music.  During his time at Berklee, he gigged with cover bands, pit orchestras, and his own original groups.  Eric continued to teach throughout his years at Berklee, both at the Musical Suite in Newburyport, and at his home in Byfield.  After graduating from Berklee in 2001, Eric focused much of his energy on teaching, gradually building up a student base of over 60 students a week.

In 2004, Eric left the Musical Suite and opened his own teaching studio in Haverhill, MA.  The same year, he also became the guitar and bass instructor at the Pingree School in Hamilton.  Since the move, Eric has taught an average of 70 students a week and his waiting list continues to grow.

In 2010, Eric was chosen to participate in the Guitar Superstar Competition for Guitar Player Magazine.  In addition to taking home second place (first place was fingerstyle champion Don Alder, third place was former Brooks and Dunn sideman Charlie Crowe), he is now endorsed by Framus Guitars, ZT Amps, Morley Pedals, Voyage Air Guitars, and Fishman Electronics.  Eric was featured in the January 2011 issue of Guitar Player Magazine in the Guitar Superstar Article.  He also was also featured in a ZT Amp and Morley Pedal ad later the same year.