Kangaralien’s video for the “Ice Cream Cone Ranger”.  Please spread the word!

Here is a quick promo video for the 7 annual Guitar Boot Camp at Pingree!

This is a video I made for the great people at ZT Amplifiers.  The final edit will appear on various musical instrument dealer sites on the web:

Singer/Songwriter/Performer Jon Wilkins came by the studio and shared his thoughts on recording with me:

Here is the first video I made for my song “Passing Through Time.”  The song won me a spot in Guitar Player Magazine’s 2010 Guitar Superstar Competition.

Bob Wilson from the PBS program Roadside Stories was nice enough to feature my music on several shows.  Below are some clips:


Below is a video from a recent recording session with the Sonny Lamson Project.  The video was shot during our recording session at Rocking Horse Studios in Pittsfield, New Hampshire.

This is video interview shot in March of 2011 at the Amesbury High School.  Tom Horan, retired Music Director of AHS, asked me to come down and kick off the first episode of “Music Muse.”

Amesbury Music Muse