Teaching Approach

To me, each student is an individual, and each lesson should be treated that way.  I don’t have one way of teaching for everyone.  I try to find a method that allows each student to achieve his or her goals on the guitar or bass.  For many, it is simply to learn to play a favorite song, while for others, it may be to attend music school.  I have worked with students from age 8 to 80 (yes, I really do have an 80 year old student!).  I am just as at home working with beginning students in elementary school as I am professional musicians looking to brush up on theory.  Here are some things I offer that many studios cannot:

State of the art setup – The only thing a student needs to bring to his or her lesson is a guitar or bass and a three ring binder.  I provide a cable, an amp simulator, and all lesson materials.  Most of the standard handouts I use for theory, exercises, chord charts, etc.,  are ready to go so we can jump right into the material that a student is looking for.  There is no extra charge for materials unless the student wants to purchase a method book.

Digital Recording Studio – In addition to making specialized tracks for any style or song, I can help a student record his or her original music from start to finish with high-quality results.  I can even slow down a song for a student and e-mail it for practicing at home.

Berklee/Music School Preparation – I have worked with many music school hopefuls in preparing pieces for auditions.  Several of my former students are Berklee graduates and are working musicians!

Student Performances – Each year, I offer some type of student performance, all free of charge.  In 2011, my students participated in a Toys for Tots concert that raised over 300 toys for the Marines.  Each student has the option to play in a group, learn a song, and then play in front of an audience.  I encourage students of all levels to participate.

No Registration Fees – One thing I see quite a bit at bigger studios is an annual registration fee for lessons.  This is something I have never done and do not see implementing in the future.

Resources –  Having worked for other studio owners over the years, I didn’t like having to compromise my vision of a good lesson program for the lack of resources available at the studio.  In addition to having access to the recording studio, students can also browse 40 years of Guitar Player Magazines, check out my transcription collection, or browse my CD and lesson DVD archives.  Everything that I have used to learn and make music for the past 25 years is here – right down to my first lesson book I received at age 8.

One of the Lowest Lesson Rates in the Area – As of summer 2012, I have one of the lowest lesson rates in the area.  Instead of paying for a bigger studio’s rent and overhead, you are simply paying for my time and expertise as a musician.  Also, my lesson rate will stay the same for the 2012/2013 calender year.