Policies and Prices

My current lesson prices are:

$30/30 Minute Lesson

$45/45 Minute Lesson

$60/60 Minute Lesson

Writing and handing out lesson cancellations policies is my absolute least favorite part of what I do. I love teaching, but business is not my thing. Teaching music has been my full-time job since 2001, and in my regular schedule, I see 80+ students a week. Each lesson spot is extremely important to my family as my teaching studio is our only income. When a student misses a lesson and I am not paid, it has an impact on my family’s ability to pay for our rent, food, health insurance, and monthly household bills. Please read the outline below and let me know if you have any questions regarding the policy.

  • When you sign up for lessons, you are reserving your own spot in my teaching schedule.
  • If you cannot make a lesson, please give me as much notice as possible. The more notice I get, the more likely I can fill the spot with a student from my waiting list. If I can fill the spot with a student from my waiting list, you will not be charged.
  • If you contact me on short notice (ex: a day or two before the lesson), and I cannot fill the spot, I am happy to create a lesson of your choosing during the lesson time. Please make sure to contact me before the lesson with the request. If you neglect to contact me about the lesson, I kindly ask that you pay for the lesson.
  • I am always happy to do Skype lessons if you cannot make it to my studio.
  • My teaching schedule is usually booked solid, so makeup lesson spots are rare.
  • If I happen to have an open spot that I cannot fill with a waiting list student, I will gladly offer the spot as a makeup.
  • If you miss a lesson because you forgot, I kindly ask that the lesson is paid for.
  • If you need to discontinue lessons, please let me know four weeks prior to giving up your spot. This gives me time to fill the spot with a student from my waiting list.
  • The current wait time for a lesson spot is around six months.

This policy helps to keep my prices low (I am still the lowest professional guitar instructor in the area) and allows me to provide for my family.  Please keep in mind that I don’t charge for cancellations due to inclement weather, and I do not hold regular lessons during public school vacation. If everyone follows the policy outlined above, I should be able to keep my rate the same for the next two years (that is the next time I will see a rent increase).