Colleague Testimonials

“I’ve known Eric Clemenzi for many years; all the way back to his days as a student.   Even then, he showed tons of potential.   Today he’s gone on to become a top-notch musician and educator.     He’s one of the few who has that magic combination:  Talent to spare, professionalism, humility, resilience, strong work-ethic, a love for teaching and playing, and a genuinely caring attitude toward his students.  No wonder he’s such a success!”

Jon Finn, Berklee Guitar Department/Boston Pops Guitarist,

“Meeting and studying with Eric Clemenzi was the greatest thing that has ever happened to me in my career as a musician, student and teacher myself. Seriously. When I started studying at Berklee I really missed my lessons with Eric. I learned more in 6 months taking lessons from Eric than I did in 4 years at Berklee. Eric’s playing, ideas and passion for teaching are the golden standard by which all other teachers should be measured. Not to mention, he is about the nicest and most sincere person you will ever meet. ”
Brian Packer
Berklee Grad, Producer/Engineer/Guitarist

“Eric Clemenzi is hands-down the most dedicated teacher I’ve encountered. I’ve had the pleasure to work with him at the Eric Clemenzi Master Class, the Summer Sessions at Berklee, the SYMS program at UNH, and countless clinics around New England. It’s no fluke that he is so in-demand; the proof of his efforts can be seen in his student base. With zero advertising, Eric keeps his lesson schedule full through word-of-mouth alone. He inspires young musicians in a way I’ve never seen before. Many of his students have gone on to attend music programs at Berklee, UMass Lowell, UNH, etc., and have found successful roles in the music industry. Aside from his dedication and ability as a teacher, Eric is one of the best guitarists in the area. This makes him a valuable resource as well as an inspiration for young players. To top it off, his home studio is an excellent facility. Eric is able to give students a hands-on recording experience using the same industry-standard gear he uses to record his own albums. Despite being friends with dozens of great guitar instructors, I could not in good conscience recommend anyone other than Eric as a first choice.  “

Steve BellevilleWorking Musician